Bulgarian Society of Dermatology

Officially founded in 1935, the International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS) has been promoting skin health around the world for over 80 years. Its forerunner began in 1889 as the first of many World Congresses of Dermatology. Today, the ILDS represents dermatology at the highest level with over 180 Member Societies from more than 80 countries, we represent over 200,000 dermatologists. ILDS works closely with partners around the world including the World Health Organization (WHO), with whom we are in official relations, in order to improve skin health for all people around the world.

Our Vision and Mission

To attain the best possible skin health for all people around the world.

To increase awareness, cooperation and communication within the global dermatology community to promote high quality education, clinical care, research and innovation that will improve skin health globally.

Our Guiding Principles

Collaboration – to work collaboratively and in partnership with all our stakeholders

Impact – to maximise our impact by measuring and evaluating progress towards our strategic objectives

Communication – to use a range of methods to raise awareness and communicate effectively

Evidence – to ensure that our work reflects the best knowledge, practices and evidence

Stewardship – to identify priorities and commit resources based on realistic assessments of our capabilities

Our Governance: The ILDS is an independent, global charity. Our international Board of Directors is supported by a UK based Secretariat. As a registered charity we operate under English Law, regulated by the UK Charity Commission and governed by our Articles of Association.